Here's a welcome email that arrived in the MotoringFile inbox this past weekend:

I've been testing MINI's latest ECU update (probably will be known as v.38) on my “yo-yo-ridden” 2004 MCS for 538 miles and have yet to be able to provoke its return. This latest update finally appears to cure the yo-yo. It is due to be distributed to MINI dealers in June.

My ECU was sent to MINIUSA in Montvale, NJ last Monday(5/10) for reprogramming and was back in my MINI on Wednesday (5/12). New County MINI in Hartford, CT worked with MINIUSA to make this happen with an impressive level of customer service.

Since then, I have been putting the MCS through its paces with various engine loads (throttle position, weight, A/C draw, etc.) and gear selections in an effort to determine the success of the update. The final test was a roundtrip from MA to NYC. Quite simply, the yo-yo is gone.

In addition, the new update has not induced any “regressive” behavior: no stumble, no cold start problems, no A/C issues…nothing. Needless to say, I am now one happy camper!

Please pass on this exciting information to
the MINI community as well as my gratitude and admiration for the superb efforts Ryephile (and others) have made in working with MINI to effect this long-awaited solution.

Theo Matthias

We at MotoringFile would also like to pass on some major “props” to Ryan (Ryephile). In fact Theo himself said it best on a MINI2 thread; Ryephile handed the fix to MINI on a silver platter and probably cut months off the time it has taken to release this “True Phix”!” We hope to have further word on v38 soon.