Broken Window

We were recently sent this picture from a MINI Convertible owner in England – hopefully this is not going to be a common problem for the MINI Convertible, especially since this MINI2 thread suggests that the repair cost could be as high as $3000 because the whole roof has to be replaced! Carol, who sent the picture, wrote:

Last Sunday I opened the car from a distance of about 30 feet (it was parked in an open garage) and my back window shattered into thousands of bits!! The car had been parked there since the previous day, the back window was in perfect condition i. e. no stone chips or similar so what happened?

I am waiting for the dealer to collect it but they tell me that Mini say it doesn't happen and that I must have done something so it may not be possible to replace under warranty. I'm also told that it is not just a case of replacing the window, but the entire roof