Hands On w/the Rear Foglight Toggle Panel



After way too much drama and a couple of weeks of simply not being able to get to my dealer I finally picked up my new toggle panel with all the switches.

First a big thanks to Ian Cull and all the great rear foglight info on his weblog. As far as I'm concnered his site is “Rear Foglight Central”.

Interestingly when the first bulletin was released for this part MINI released the wrong numbers for the full panel. As you can see on this image MINIUSA switched the numbers between the full toggle panels for cars with front fogs and cars without. Because of that many parts managers across the country simply ordered the wrong part. It would seem that those who looked at the standard MINI parts CD-Rom had the correct information and those that looked at the bulletin didn't. Too much drama over a little switch if you ask me. Lets hope that MINI gets it's parts numbers straight in future bulletins.

For those that missed this info the correct part number for those with the full panel of switches is 61 31 6 917 993