MINI Cabrio Photos Leaked

We knew it was bound to happen. While the press embargo from MINI implies not to release supplied press photos of the MINI Cabrio (yes Cabrio – not “Open”) until Tuesday February 10th a publication has gone ahead leaked a couple of them. Auto Visie, a publication from the Netherlands, sent out an email with two photos and a whole lot of information in Dutch about the Cabrio. This is very reminiscent to what happened with the BMW 5 series last year – and within hours everyone who had a auto related website had photos up.


p>Here are some bits of the Auto Visie article translated:

  • MINI will introduce two Cabrio only colors – Cool Blue and Hot Orange.
  • There will be three tops to choose from – black, green and blue.
  • The roof is fully automatic and closes in 15 seconds.
  • The sliding roof goes back a full 40cm and can be used at speeds up to 120km/h.

The official photos will come later this evening.

  • Very cool indeed. I like the black and reddish leather interior, looks very sharp comboed with the exterior. Kind of like the lapis blue leather and the Indi Blue paint.

  • Frank

    The new hot orange color looks gorgeous! I also like the new Cooper '05 bumper treatment and the subtle and more refined chrome stripes front and back. The wheels are also cool too.

    I don't like the exposed hinges in the boot door…detract from the clean lines too much.

    Nice car. Still think it needs a solid roof 🙂

  • GJR

    I think those boot hinges would work better visually if they were reduced in size by at least one third.


    I agree, car is much better in a hard top. Still very cool though and it will sell well. I wonder if this will make the MINI considered more of a “girly” car among the public.

  • For those that really want to see the photos if you look really really hard you may find them.

  • Jason

    lol… so sneaky.

  • jordan

    bugger wheres the pics!!!

  • CometGirl63

    am I the only one that can't find the pics?

  • Click on the broken links. Then remove (delete) from the end.

  • Benjamin

    Ack, get rid of that antenna! MINI too cheap to spring for one embedded in the windshield?