The MINI's US Sales Surprise

In this latest article by The Car Connection, writer Paul Eisenstein discusses the surprising sales success of the MINI in the US market. Here's an excerpt:

Small doesn't sell – or so goes the old automotive axiom. But these days, U.S. car marketers are singing another tune. Small is beautiful, and there's no better example than the MINI.

Since it made its U.S. debut two years ago, BMW's British brand has handily outperformed initial expectations. And though sales volumes have slipped a bit this year, analysts expect the new MINI convertible to quickly rebuild the brand's momentum. But for how long?

You can read the entire article here.

  • I wouldn't say the sucess of the MINI was a total suprise. If you think about the pre-MINI car market, of course bigger was better, because anything that was small was also designed to be cheap. The MINI really showed the US market what most other markets already knew.

  • ChrisLW

    This is the first I've seen that BMW [b]is[/b] going to bring the 1-Series to the US, starting in 2007; all the prior traffic I'd seen had them denying it.

  • Deborah

    I think you either feel the love or you just think it's cute. Given the supply of the car, I think there are plenty of folks around the world that feel the love enough to keep MINI alive and growing. I don't see this car as a flash in the pan…

  • …not only is Deborah correct;but,one has to ask oneself,”…how many cars out there with give me style,performance,quality,etc. on the cheap?”