MINIUSA has loaned us a Cool Blue Cooper S convertible for evaluation purposes and we'll passing along our thoughts on the car daily. At the end of our week these reviews will culminate in a full recap of the car and our experiences with it. Beyond putting the MCSc through it's paces on Chicago roads and traffic we'll also be taking an extended trip through some of the finer portions of Wisconsin later this week. Hopefully we can give you not only our opinions on the performance of the car but also an accurate assessment of day to day life with it. And if you have any questions about the car during the week please use the contact link above and let us know!

Thoughts on the first day…

To drive a drop-top on a cool, crisp, gorgeous fall day is a thing of sheer joy. But even beyond that it's hard to convey all the senses one gets while driving the new MINI Convertible simply with it's top down. For one you're just a little bit closer to being in an actual go-kart. Secondly you feel totally in control of both the car and the situation around you, hearing every little sound both you and other cars make. The typical filters that are between you and your surroundings are almost entirely eliminated. And on top of that all the normal senses one has are amplified when your in a car that drives and handles like the MINI. It all makes for a driving experience that is truly unique.

(more to come tomorrow…)