Day Four with the MCS Convertible

I'm 30 seconds into my first drive in the MCSc downtown in Chicago stopped at a light. Two of Chicago's finest pull up next to me in an unmarked Crown Vic. This is the conversation that ensued:

Officer: (in the obligatory thick Chicago accent) Hey, how do you like that thing?
A: It's great so far.

Officer:Is it new? I've seen the regular ones but not the drop top.
A: Yeah, they just came out a few weeks ago. What do you think?

Officer: (He gives it a quick once over) Looks like it's a blast to drive. What's it called?
A: MINI Cooper S convertible – it's made by BMW (since I knew that would be the next question)

Officer: (second officer says something inaudible) My partner calls it a babe magnet! Have fun! (light changes)

  • ChrisW

    I'll tell my wife the car is a “babe magnet.” That ought to seal the deal. 🙂

  • Allan

    That gave me a good laugh..

  • Bartek

    Haha it is baby magnet lol

  • dgszweda

    Babe magnet or “girlie car”!

  • Heidi

    It's also a hunk magnet! lol

  • TJKonarski

    dgszweda: Don't be so insecure.

  • MiniLifeCrisis

    Well, my one friend calls my new MCS-Convertible a “Clown Car”. Unfortunately, he hasn't had a chance to see it in personal nor drive with me.

    Call it what you want, I call it FUN! 🙂