I got this from The Mini Cooper club of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana (MINIOKI). It's an invite to join them at a very cool event this June 15th and then on the weekend of Sept. 27th and 28th at the Indy F1 race:

We would like to
extend an open invitation for a major meet we are currently preparing. I am
currently working with the personnel at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway
(IMS) to work out the details, but here's what I can disclose so far.

On the weekend of September 27 and 28, the IMS will hold the Formula 1 US
Grand Prix. People who purchase two tickets to this event will be given a
special pass to bring any car they choose to the Speedway, and take one lap
around the F1 track, on June 15th. The track that the F1 cars (and the
special pass holders take in June), includes the front straightaway, the
start/finish line used by Indy and NASCAR vehicles, and the strip of bricks
that gave the track the nickname “The Brickyard” so many years ago.

Each race-day ticket costs $40 – $85. BUT, that's not all! In addition to
an afternoon of special club-only events on June 15 (yea….that's Father's
day), Car Club members will also have special events on Race Day itself.

At last year's event, members of 5 car clubs received a special pass to
drive their cars during a morning session, then attend special events in the
afternoon, as the general public drove their cars in the afternoon session.
This year they are adding more clubs, and with the co-operation of MINIOKI,
Mini owners will field a fleet of cars along with car clubs such as Ferrari,
Corvette, Mustang, BMW (they get their own club), Jaguar and Viper, to name
a few.


By ordering a minimum of two race-day tickets through www.imstix.com or by calling the IMS ticket office
at (317)-492-6700 or (800) 822-INDY outside the Indianapolis area, and
stating that you are with the Mini Car Club, you will be sent a special pass
with your (minimum) two tickets. This pass will allow you to join other
Mini owners to take two laps on the F1 circuit of the Indianapolis Motor
Speedway sometime in the morning of June 15, and attend special Club- only
events on the race weekend, September 27/28. We are opening this event to
anything Mini, including classic Mini Cooper vehicles, so SPREAD THE WORD!

What happens on June 15th? At a time yet to be assigned (but before noon
Central Daylight Time), all Mini drivers will meet at the north side of the
track with pass in hand (no need for the race day tickets on for the June
15th event). We will take two laps around the F1 track. IMS rules state
clearly a speed limit of 20mph, single file, with a few seconds between each
car, so there will NOT be any racing. A professional photographer not
employed by IMS will be on the track to take a picture of your car. Once
finished, we will be directed where to park. We will have the rest of the
day for special club member only events, including a tour through the 2nd
floor (timing and scoring) of the pagoda and then into the new media center.
Also, there will be an F1 car for picture ops, and other things yet to be
disclosed. There will also be large outdoor televisions with live coverage
of the Canadian Grand Prix, and a major lunch buffet (I was told $12 per
person, but there will be other food stands throughout the infield).

Is that it? Can I visit the museum? MINIOKI will be working with IMS,
the Indianapolis Mini dealership, and Indiana members of MINIOKI to arrange
other events. This might include a Saturday (14th) morning and/or Sunday
(15th) afternoon tour of the museum, and perhaps a Saturday drive in or
around the City.

Ok, so what's the story about Race Weekend? They are still working out
the details, but from what I have been told, there will be special club-only
events on Saturday. On Sunday race-day, we Minis will meet in a
yet-to-be-determined location, and will receive a police escort to the
track, where we will be assigned a place in the Car Club Corral, along with
the other clubs. After a breakfast buffet, some of us will stay with our
cars to chat with owners of the other cars in other clubs, and with the
general public who will tour the Car Club Corral.