Here's another event that's taking place in Indianapolis. This one is set
for April 27th and you'll need to e-mail from Rich at to RSPV.

The INDI MINI RALLY will be taking place April 27th, 2003. It will begin at
9:am up at Dreyer & Reinbold BMW-MINI. We will have a short coffee and donut
breakfast up at the dealership and head west then south on 465. We pick up
37 south to 252 south and then 135 south to Nashville (Brown County). There
we will have lunch at the Brown County Inn and look around town and see if
there is something there that we can not live without.

From there we head off to Bloomington on 46 west and then on up through Spencer. From there
it's North bound on 46 and through the back roads of Owen County stopping at
the old Cataract country store and Indiana's biggest water falls. Then a
straight shot up to Greencastle, home of DePauw University and dinner at the
Walden Inn.

After a friendly meal, we head back to Indianapolis on 70. I
have devised this route to take us through a limited amount of highways, and
tried to make it through as many twisty turn back roads as I could find. The
ones to Nashville are some of the most scenic you will find in Indiana and
the ones from Spencer to the north are through country lanes that go up and
down and around, but none of the course is on gravel. You can either pick
half the course, which will turn to go north from Bloomington, or select the
entire one that ends up at dinner in Greencastle. The short one will end at
about 3:30, or so and the long one at about 7:00.

It looks like they have at least 30 MINIs signed up for this drive already.