As you may have noticed those of us in the Chicago region are in the process of forming the Chicago MINI Motoring Club. Officers have been elected, a name has been chosen, and our first official event is being planned. But that being said there is some work to do before we start taking dues and giving out stickers.

Up until now owners in Chicago (and I imagine other areas as well) have simply had informal groups loosely held together via mass email or some yahoo group. Now it seems the time has come to create something with a bit more solidity – something that is bigger than just 2 or 3 people. If you're not familar with what a mature club can offer just take a look what the BMWCCA or the PCA. Certainly any MINI club would have a long way to go before ever reaching that sort of level but we must start somewhere.

It would seem a car like the MINI is just begging for some sort of organized owners group. It's one of those rare cars that seems to bring people together in positive ways. In fact there are a handful of clubs (listed in the links section) already established and more on the way everyday.

So here are my questions for those currently in MINI clubs or interested in them: How important do you think local clubs will be for MINI owners? What would you want to see a local club offer in terms of benefits or giveaways? How much would you be willing to pay in annual dues? And finally what type of events would you like to see local clubs offer?

Here's a list of currently operating MINI clubs in the US:

Chicago MINI Motoring Club (coming soon)
MINI5280 | Denver area club
Michigan MINI Motor Club | Michigan area club
MINIOKI | Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana MINI club
PDXMINI | Portland area club
Pitt Stop MINI | Western PA area club
SCMM | Southern California area club | St. Louis area club
(please feel free to add to this list if I missed one)