Some of you have been experiencing a slow start issue lately. Personally my MC has been taking 2-3 times as many cranks to fire-up from a cold start. While it's not getting noticeably worse it's definitely not what it used to be. Of course this is not the same issue as the cold starting problem that some MCS had last year but a different situation altogether.

The important news is that MINIUSA is aware of the issue and is actively working to see if there is a solution. They gave me no timetable on a fix or if there was even needed but engineers are hard at work as we speak.

One theory that I've heard from a couple is that is has to do with reformulated gas in the colder regions of the country. Many have said that the problem didn't crop up until the weather started turning more mild. Generally here in Chicago the reformulated gas arrives at the stations around the same time.

Anyone have any other ideas?