Here's an update from Alex who is running the MINI armrest group buy started last week:

  • The first 30 armrests have arrived on Saturday!
  • The first 30 people who have placed their order on the technic forum will receive their armrest within the next few days!
  • The price for the armrest including postage & packing is 125 euros (around $152) which is still more than $40 below dealer price!

  • Another 70 armrests have been ordered. They should hopefully be delivered at the end of this week!
  • Currently I can't take anymore orders via email or the forum so please don't even give it a try 😉 !
  • All other people of haven't registered on the forum and placed their orders via email will be “worked on” after I have received the next 70 armrests.
  • They will be served on a “first come-first serve” basis.
  • The current number of people on the list still exceeds the number of armrest currently available at the dealer as well.
  • I will accept new orders in a period of time…

Again lets give Alex and hand for putting this all together!