For the third consecutive year, the MINI Cooper has been ranked as the most fuel efficient car in its class according to EPA's recently published 2005 Fuel Economy Guide. The same report also indicates that the all new 2005 MINI Cooper Convertible is the most fuel efficient convertible sold in the U.S. today.

The MINI Cooper with both a 5-speed manual and CVT automatic were the top ranked cars out of a total of 31 variations of models from 8 different brands in the “Minicompact” segment. This segment is defined by the EPA as vehicles offering less than 85 cubic feet of combined passenger and cargo space. The following list provides EPA fuel economy figures for the MINI passenger car line:

  • Model Transmission Fuel Economy
  • City/Highway

  • MINI Cooper 5 speed Manual 28/36
  • MINI Cooper Continuously Variable Automatic 26/34
  • MINI Cooper S 6 speed Manual 25/32
  • MINI Cooper Convertible 5 speed Manual 27/35
  • MINI Cooper Convertible Continuously Variable Automatic 26/33
  • MINI Cooper S Convertible 6 speed Manual 25/32

The MINI Cooper comes with a normally aspirated, 1.6 liter, 16 valve, four-cylinder engine under its bonnet that delivers responsive performance. This fuel-efficient, yet punchy power plant is well suited to MINI's nimble handling chassis and quick ratio steering, and offers MINI owners a balance between performance and economy.

“We're pleased with the finding in the latest EPA report,” said Jack Pitney, vice president, MINI USA. “Our customers have always been attracted to MINI's compelling design, sporty performance and fun personality. Yet the findings in this report underscores that MINI also offers a high level of economy and value that we know is a big part of the purchase decision for MINI customers – essentially MINI owners can have their cake and eat it too.”