Here's are some interesting observations from MINI owner Lee Johnson about color and MINIs:

I don't know about the Chicago area, but here in the western Carolinas there are a LOT of silver MINIs. I always assumed they were just folks who mistakenly thought their cars were small BMWs, people who didn't understand that these English cars have their own proud — and colorful — heritage (it was a red Mini that won the Monte Carlo Rally 40 years ago, right?). I waited an extra two months so I could get my MCS in Indi Blue/white. The color is a big reason that I still smile when I walk into the garage and see the MINI.

According to an article on the front of yesterday's NYT style section — “Coloring America Hopeful — we may be seeing fewer DS/B MINIs and more cars of color. America's post-millennial, post-9/11 depression seems to be lifting, according to consumer researcher Dr. G. Clotaire Rapaille of Boca Raton, Fla., (quoted in the article) and it will affect the colors we choose:

“Colors represent the mood of the time. After 9/11, the mood was not very happy and more sober, so we had more black and white and gray. It was not proper to be too colorful.'

“Now, he added, 'People are feeling better and they want color.”

The Times cited Christopher Webb, a 28-year-old color stylist at GM, who said that bolder colors will soon be appearing in the American car palette:

“The coming trends? More metallic colors, silver blended with bolder shades like blue or orange, in contrast to the past decade of minimalist silver, gray, white and black. There will be more splashes of primary colors.”

Let's hope so; I like seeing brightly colored, happy MINIs on the road. I don't think I'm enough of an extrovert to own a metallic orange MINI, but I know I'll smile when I see one.

Lee Johnson

First off we at believe that color choice is a very personal thing and there really isn't a right choice for everyone.

That being said as a designer I've seen some of this recent change in color with my own eyes. In fact this has been predicted by such organizations as the Color Marketing Conference for well over a year now. Further it would seem that MINI is uniquely positioned as a brand to take advantage of this general mood swing in our culture. I think MINI clearly sees the aforementioned trend and we'll see next years factory colors that probably reflect this.