New Windshield Drama

As some of you may remember I had my 4th windshield installed this week due to a large crack caused by a rock.

Since my wife had the car all week it would be her who had to deal with this one. So the next day I got a call from her saying the guy who was doing the work had no clue what to do with the a-pillar plastic covers and didn't really want to find out. In fact he told her we might want to go the dealer to have them looked at. Since I have comprehensive glass coverage from my insurance cover the entire operation I tend not to go the dealer for such things. Typically these installers are good enough to know what to do in about every situation. What’s more they bill my insurance directly so I don't have to deal with paying $400-$500 dollars and getting reimbursed later.

So when I was finally able look at the job I was appalled. Both a-pillar covers were on crooked and not fastened properly at all. At that point I was going to call my insurance again and let them deal with the issue. However things got worse when my wife called me the next day.

Apparently she was driving about 65mph (on the Edens for all you in Chicago) and one of the a-pillar covers broke off and flew straight up in the air landing on the side of the road. Needless to say she was a bit startled as were the drivers behind her. Apparently the sound of one of these things breaking off at speed is not pleasant.

I dropped my car off at the dealer that night and I’ll be having them take care of all my windshield repairs from now on. Obviously the glass company they use has some experience with MINIs.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this before with windshield replacements?